Newborn Photography Props.  What Do I Really Need.  A beginners guide to newborn photography props.

Newborn Photography Props | What Do I Really Need?

Let's talk newborn photography props!  There are a million options to choose from, and you're not sure where to start!  We know having so many choices can be a bit overwhelming, so we have put together a list of essentials for you.  Regardless if you are a new photographer or you've been in business for years, the list is the same.  You really don't need as much as you'd think! 

The first thing you are going to need is a posing surface.  I know photographers who use a wide range of products from beanbags to dog beds!  You will need to do the research to see what the best fit for your space and needs will be.  Once you have your poser squared away, you are going to need a few good quality posing fabrics.  Try to choose high-quality fabrics with texture and some that are smooth.  They should all be very stretchy to provide a wrinkle-free seamless backdrop.  

Now that you have your posing surface all set you can pick out some fun hats, headbands, and floral crowns to coordinate with the backdrops that you have.  When choosing props, really try to think about the style and aesthetic that you are trying to achieve in your photos.  Are you more drawn to bright colors, muted colors, or maybe you love neutrals? Really think about it before you go spending all your hard earned money.  Now that you've narrowed down your style, it's good to have quite a few options for your clients to choose from so that you are able to create a nice cohesive gallery.  


You'll need a few bonnets and hats. Choosing gender-neutral colors will help stretch your budget a bit.    The same goes for wraps!  Choose wraps that are super stretchy!  This will make wrapping much easier and you end up with a smooth finished look.  Grab a variety of wraps that coordinate with your other newborn photography posing fabrics, hats, headbands, and floral crowns.  Speaking of headbands and floral crowns, these are super small and easy to store.  They give you the ability to create several different looks effortlessly without taking up much space or breaking the bank.

The last essential newborn photography props you are going to need are a few good buckets, bowls, baskets, and a bench or bed. These are going to give you the ability to add more variety to your gallery of gorgeous images.  That's really all you need as far as props go!  If you wanted to grab a few outfits to have that option for your clients there are so many adorable options waiting for you  I don't believe they fall under the "essential" category but they are a great addition to and prop collection.   Figuring out your style early on is the winning formula to have your sessions go smoothly and to really love the art that you create.   We hope this post helps you!



Ashley B

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